Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nursing College Field Trip

Last Friday, our class visited the Nursing College at Northland Community and Technical College.  What a great experience that was to see what they are learning as nursing students!!!  

The nursing students led small groups of our class through different stations where they taught new skills.  The kids visited stations like handwashing, how to make a cast, how to dress wounds, how to give medications and how to do vitals.  

At the end, each student left with a balloon hat and a bag full of goodies!  We all felt so special and want to say THANK YOU to those who made our day SO special!!!

Enjoy some photos from the day!!!

They met us at the door and the kids got to ride in style!! :)

Everyone did the handwashing danced and got a balloon to take home!!  
We couldn't have asked for a better trip!!!