Saturday, May 31, 2014

Headwaters Science Center

We had an amazing time on our Headwaters Science Center Field Trip! The kids got to explore the fun stuff on the floor, eat lunch and then enjoy the raptor demonstration! It was a fun day had by all!

Olivia and Stephanie being silly on the bus!

Amelie with a bunny!

Niha getting some good pictures of the bird.

I love that they are both looking at the snake! :)

You are so brave Michael!  Look at Jack in the background!  Priceless!!!!

 Chris was in heaven looking at and holding the snakes!

Jack's dad, Scott, looking like a pro!

This is the 1st time (in the last 3 years) that I've held the snake!  I was 

Our awesome chaperone, Misty, even held the snake!

Kyle, Adam and Marcia watching Jacob make bubbles!!!

How fast can you throw a pitch?  These boys found out!! 

Our newest friend, Emma, holding the snake!

Dru was the helper in the raptor demonstration!  Good job Dru!

Chris helped too!!

Charlie and his mom Jill held the snake too!

Deshawn was trying out the blower!

Mason held it too!!

This part was soooo cool!  You push a button, stand in front of this screen and then the light flashes!  Your shadow is left on the wall!!

Enjoying the sun!

The last few days of school were so nice we decided to sneak outside for some fun in the sun!