Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Guard/Flag Prowler Pride

For Prowler Pride last Friday, 2 members of the guard/flag team came to visit!  They performed their routine in the Challenger commons!  It was really fun to watch!  

Games Galore

On Thursday of last week the kids got to participate in Games Galore during gym class!  There were bouncy houses and inflatable obstacle courses set up in the gyms.  So much fun!

 Keegan broke his wrist recently and had some awesome friends join him on the sidelines during Games Galore!  Now that friendship at its finest!!!! 

 Jack taking a picture time out!

 Lookin' good Olivia!!

 Deja and Olivia looking tough! :)

 Stephanie and Jordan taking a sec to pose for a pic!

 Deshawn, Kayden and Jacob having fun with friends!

Mandi and Niha ready for more!!

Math Facts in a Flash....More Passers!!!!!

We recently had 2 more kids pass ALL the Math Facts in a Flash levels!  These 2 asked to go on our class computer every day to try to get past all 44 levels!  They were motivated and it paid off!!!!  

 Way to go Stephanie!!!

Great work Olivia!!!

I am so proud of both of your for your persistence and motivation to pass all the levels!  You are great role models for hard work!!!  :)  Mrs. Brouse

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cute Bird Art

This afternoon we did a SUPER cute art project!  The project was inspired by an artist named James Rizzi.  They are these cute little birds!  We sketched, outlined with oil pastels, and painted with watercolor paints!  They are really adorable!  Your child will be able to teach you or anyone else how to do this in no time!!  Try it!!! :)  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dangers of Smoking

We were lucky enough today to attend a presentation, given by LHS students, on the dangers of smoking.  The kids used straws to see what it feels like when your lungs and body aren't getting enough oxygen (like when you smoke).  Each child got to see real lungs affected by smoking, examples of mouths with sores, etc from smoking and how you can even grow hair on your tongue from smoking!! They were all pretty grossed out!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Math League

We had an AWESOME Prowler Pride visit from the Math League coached by Mr. Froiland!  The kids learned about how the Math League competes against other teams by working out math problems!!!  They even heard that "showing your work" is one of the most important things to do when working out a math problem.  It helps your brain organize its thoughts as well as provides evidence of your work!  So glad to hear that what we expect in 3rd grade is what they will continue to need in the future!  Thanks for coming, Math League!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We miss you, Kayden!!!

Last week we had to say good bye to our friend Kayden!!  We are going to write our first letters to Kayden very soon!!  Miss you Kayden!!!