Monday, January 27, 2014

Hat Day

Last Friday was Hat Day at Challenger!  So cute seeing all the different hats come in that morning!  I wanted to share these SUPER CUTE pics from that day!!  My favorites are the silly ones!!!! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Inside Recess

What do we do when we have inside recess?  Well, the kids have gotten really good at keeping busy during ALL of our inside recess days this year!!!!  Some kids went down for the Chess Tournament with Mrs. Bakken in the media center!!  Here are some pics of the kids and the things they enjoy!!

 Jordan having fun with her iPad!!

 Mandi relaxing on the beanbag with her iPad!

 The boys in the classroom library....with iPads!!!

 Deja and Teresa drawing pictures!!

 Jacob is really liking some extra iPad time!!

 Charlie, Keegan, Kush and Jack LOVE the legos!!

 Kyle made this cool farm with Lincoln Logs!!

 Nevaeh found some peace and quiet under the table!

Stephanie and Amelie got the comfy black chairs and their iPads!!!

Have an SUPER day friends!!!  Mrs. Brouse