Sunday, September 28, 2014

Homecoming Parade!!!

We had the BEST time last Friday at the Homecoming Parade!  It was the most beautiful day and we had a blast watching the parade, picking up treats and being with friends!!  Here are some pictures from the day!!!

Becca's Dad...

The class got a special treat last week when Becca's dad, Tom, came in to our room with his firefighter gear!!  The kids asked lots of questions and were so excited to see his boots, pants, coat and hat he uses.  They asked GREAT questions and he did a WONDERFUL job of giving the class important information about fires, being a firefighter and how to be safe!!  Thanks Tom for the special visit!!!! 

Math Partners :)

Here are some super cute pictures of these AMAZING students working with partners on a math activity!!  It's so fun watching them learn and grow with friends!!  

Prowler Pride...Cross Country

We had the pleasure of having 2 members of the LHS Cross Country team in the 3rd grade wing for Prowler Pride!  The 3rd graders got to hear from them about what they do, what they wear, and how far they run!  It was so fun to have them visit!!

Rotary Club...Dictionaries

All the third grade students at Challenger were given a super generous gift recently.  They were all given their very own dictionary!!!  Rotary club members visited 3rd grade classrooms and delivered these awesome gifts!!  We are so thankful for these and are already using them daily!!  THANK YOU to the Rotary Club!!  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

LHS Band for Prowler Pride

We had our very first Prowler Pride visit of the year last Friday!  A few members of the Lincoln High School band were here along with their instructor, Katie Hahn.  They talked to all the 3rd grade classes about being a band member as well as what other activities they are involved in.  
We can't wait to enjoy Prowler Pride Fridays throughout the year!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Picture Day!!

Tomorrow (Friday, September 12th) is picture day at Challenger.  If you need another picture form, I have a few extras or you could get one at the front office.