Prowler Pride

 Girls Basketball Prowler Pride was here for our Friday visit!  These girls are such great role models for our third graders!  What a great group! 

It was really fun having a few members of the Prowler Wrestling team visit Challenger!  They talked about how old they are, activities they are in and what they like best about wrestling.  They even showed up a couple of cool moves!  Thanks for coming to visit us!!

Our 2nd Prowler Pride visitors were members of the LHS Band!  They even played a song while they were here visiting!  Thanks for supporting our Prowler Pride in 3rd grade!  We love every minute of your time with us!!

Our first Prowler Pride visitors this year were members of the LHS Tennis Team.  It was so fun to hear about tennis and all the opportunities there are when you are part of this team.  Thanks for being here as wonderful role models to our 3rd graders!!! :)

We had the pleasure of welcoming the Robotics team to 3rd Grade!  They brought their robot and answered all kinds of questions!  They were awesome!  Thanks for coming!!

Just before the Prowler Girls Hockey team WON the state tournament, we had the pleasure of having them visit for Prowler Pride.  CONGRATULATIONS Prowlers!!!!

It was a very exciting Prowler Pride on Friday!  We had our very FIRST visit from SKATING!  The girls brought in skates, a competition outfit and we even enjoyed a video showing many of the elements they work on!  It was SO FUN!!

Before the holiday break all the 3rd graders were treated to the LHS Basketball team visits.  A few members from each team talked to the 3rd graders about basketball, being on a team, and about the importance of keeping up with your homework and grades.   Thanks again for taking the time to visit out classes!!

Our latest Prowler Pride visit was from members of the Wrestling team!  It was so fun!  They brought a mat with and we were able to watch some wrestling moves!  Two friends from our class, Griffin and Jett, even got out there and showed us how it's done!  :)

We were able to have 3 LHS Tennis team members visit our room for Prowler Pride!  We are really lucky to get such awesome visitors!

It was our pleasure to welcome 3 Prowler Volleyball players to 3rd grade last Friday!  These were GREAT girls and we were SO lucky to have them!! 

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