Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Egg Drop Competition

Our Egg Drop Competition is coming up!  Due to some schedule changes we have to hold off on the competition till later this week!  But you should still bring in the materials as soon as possible!!

  The goal of the competition is to insulate a milk carton with any materials in order to "save the egg's life" when it is dropped from a height of about 15 feet.  Here are the restrictions:
1.  You must use at least ONE milk carton.  We will save milk cartons from lunch.  You can use more cartons if you wish!
2.  The egg must be placed inside the milk carton when it is dropped.  I will provide the eggs!!
3.  Your entire "contraption" must weigh 6 pounds or less!

Please help your child brainstorm ideas for a design.  Each student is responsible for bringing the materials they wish to use (including tape).  DO NOT MAKE IT AT HOME!!!

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